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Act writing essay examples:we’re planning to glance at what’s one of the most challenging part of composing the essay: the counterargument

For anyone not really acquainted with the definition of, a counterargument is in fact a viewpoint that refutes your primary argument. To put it simply, if you’re arguing that technology does more good than harm, the counterargument is the fact that technology does more harm than good.

Before we glance at an instance, you can find two things I’d want to mention: first, we cannot stress essential transitions have been in composing effective counterarguments. Without them, your audience could have not a way of after your train of idea and will find it difficult – or even impossible – to distinguish between which a few ideas you accept and which ideas you disagree with.

Another key factor of great counterarguments may be the concession – this is certainly, the acknowledgement that some facets of the opposing argument are legitimate. Continue reading