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The particulars of intercourse after childbirth

Cassia Mor speaks to ladies about intercourse after babies – the great, the bad while the in-between.

We chatted to 10 females about sex after childbirth additionally the variations in their reactions had been quite amazing. It became clear that of these ladies – just like me – a lot of facets arrived into play inside their journey back again to sex that is having their lovers.

Just how long do you wait?

I had look over someplace that ladies needed to wait six days after birth prior to trying to use have intercourse once again. In order for was just how very long my spouce and I waited. For some reason when I read “it is preferred which you wait four to six months to attempt sex” we envisioned most of the moms watching the clock and irritation to obtain right straight right back between the sheets, marking it well inside their diaries combined with six week growth spurt and immunisations…

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