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For Principle residence purchase, do i need to enter the information both in spouse and husband’s return on S3 with spouse reporting 50% or maybe partner?

Then it shows two properties offered with exact same information in all of both comes back and yellowish highlight about multiple properties offered as concept residence if we go into the information both in husbands and spouse’s returns. Then absolutely nothing shows in wife’s return if we enter in husband’s return just with 50% partner claim. Please assistance.

How come you want to report this?

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I am hoping all is well. Thank you for making usage of ProFile Live Community. If you are planning with choice 1 on package 179 and want to 50/50 between spouses, please follow the below:

1)Please make sure into the information internet web site, residency component for both lovers ” Did you dispose a residence in 2016. ” is plumped for

2) Please make certain on for S3 industry 179 is selected both for lovers

3) on Spouse 1, please s3PrincipleResidenceDetail that is complete make sure it is chosen for 50per cent

4) now whenever you attend Spouse 2, you’ll see through the severely base of S3, they have their allocated 50%, you don’t need certainly to achieve a S3PrincipleResidenceDetail for Spouse 2.

Please choose decide to try that and notify me personally if it shall assist.

I hope all is well. Thank you to make usage of ProFile Live Community. If you are using option 1 on industry 179 and need to 50/50 between spouses, please follow the below:

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