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Human Male Sexuality: Endocrine Disruption and Male Reproductive Wellness

9.1 Introduction

Male sexuality is decided genetically during the time of fertilization by the existence of a Y chromosome when you look at the spermatozoan because it fuses with all the X-chromosome-containing ovum, therefore the sex-determining area regarding the Y chromosome (SRY) then drives the bipotential gonad regarding the embryo in order to become a testis through hormone-independent mechanisms 1,2. Nonetheless, when the very early testis is created, growth of the total male phenotype, including further testicular development (masculinization), becomes totally determined by a complex system of hormonal signals, especially hormones secreted through the testes 2. People who lack any gonads are phenotypically female 1 and endocrine intervention is needed to change the standard feminine phenotype in order to become male 2. This will make both development and upkeep of masculinization in danger of endocrine-disrupting impacts after all developmental phases from early embryo to adulthood; in specific, interruption of very very early embryonic developmental procedures could have consequences for male reproductive health in adult life 2. Continue reading