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Checking out Chihuahua: Food and culture in northern Mexico

I adopted the road of Gen. Francisco “Pancho” Villa, popular frontrunner of this 1914 Mexican Revolution, once I crossed the U.S. -Mexican edge into their state of Chihuahua from El Paso, Texas.

Unlike Pancho, whom offered “gold and that is glory qualified gringos — machine gunners, dynamiters and railroaders — I was followed by a band of tourists after an itinerary curated by Cesar Castellanos of Copper Canyon Expeditions. And unlike Pancho’s troops, we weren’t on horseback however in an air-conditioned van traveling down a lengthy, dry stretch of desert highway in general convenience.

It had happened for me to fly down seriously to the town of Chihuahua, but then I would personally have missed three exciting stops as you go along: walking the adrenaline-provoking catwalk that spans the Border Control area, enjoying Mennonite cheese quesadillas for break fast at Paisanos in Ahumada, and to be able to witness the burrito meals trucks down the street — burritos first made the foodstuff scene in Juarez.

From break fast, we drove all night before an end during the Mennonite Museum for a training regarding the reputation for these European and Canadian immigrants and exactly how they create their particular equipment that is agricultural domestic implements, educational tools, and method of transport and fun. Continue reading