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Wedding in Indonesia

Neither DFAT nor its missions overseas can advise on other nations’ particular demands for Australians to have hitched overseas.

The nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate-General or the Indonesian Civil Registry Office (Catatan Sipil) in the area where the marriage will take place for details of the current marriage requirements for Indonesia please contact.

Being a guide that is general, the next information can be of support.

The events to your wedding will have to make their particular arrangements with the neighborhood spiritual minister and/or the civil registry celebrants and therefore are encouraged to get verification of this precise needs inside their particular circumstances. In addition, partners could be advised to go over with regards to attorney in Australia and/or Indonesia about every other actions which must be taken, particularly, but not just if, they plan to have a home in a nation aside from Australia, or if perhaps they would like to separately hold property.

Engaged and getting married under Indonesian Law

Generally speaking, Indonesian nationals, and people of every other nationality may marry in Indonesia supplied they hold a faith recognised by the Indonesian Government (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Christian). Continue reading